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DIY steering servo for Hawk and Martin 16 (No replies)

Simon Whiteley
1 year ago
Simon Whiteley 1 year ago

We have a full set of servo equipment for our Liberty fleet but nothing for our Martin 16, and wanted to explore the idea with our Hawk. The standard servo kit for a Martin is expensive (over £1,000) and a tiller-type autopilot is also not cheap and has lots of functionality you don't want. So we set about creating our own servo steering system.

The core is a Raymarine EV-100 drive unit- this is designed for boats up to 6tonnes so has ample power. This is a dumb drive which cost about £400. The switches, controllers and mounts we made ourselves from commercial components, and we use the same batteries we use for the Libertys.

More info and pictures are: here

Let me know if you want some more info

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