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DIY steering servo for Hawk and Martin 16 (1 reply)

Simon Whiteley
2 years ago
Simon Whiteley 2 years ago

We have a full set of servo equipment for our Liberty fleet but nothing for our Martin 16, and wanted to explore the idea with our Hawk. The standard servo kit for a Martin is expensive (over £1,000) and a tiller-type autopilot is also not cheap and has lots of functionality you don't want. So we set about creating our own servo steering system.

The core is a Raymarine EV-100 drive unit- this is designed for boats up to 6tonnes so has ample power. This is a dumb drive which cost about £400. The switches, controllers and mounts we made ourselves from commercial components, and we use the same batteries we use for the Libertys.

More info and pictures are: here

Let me know if you want some more info

Spike Spencer
8 months ago
Spike Spencer 8 months ago

When Keith Harris wanted his SKUD adapted for the tongue-switch control system, we also used a Raymarine "Tiller Pilot" actuator.  As stated above, this is a 'dumb' device that has no end-limit microswitches. We gave that shortfall a severe ignoring on the assumption that full deflection was rarely encountered and the ram had no tendency to jam when taken to full travel.  Installation on the SKUD was direct to the Rudder stock so almost zero backlash, giving an immediate 'feel' to Rudder inputs.  The existing steering line routes were retained only to drive a simple, mechanical, Rudder position indicator onboard.

Unable to find photos of that installation but the attached description and sketch should suffice.

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