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Liberty Mk 2 controller wiring diagram (courtesy Barry Ring) (No replies)

1 year ago
paulbenn 1 year ago

Attached is the wiring diagram for the Liberty Mk 2 controller, it's reprinted by permission of Barry Ring, the system designer. Barry has given much advice in the past but in my experience the systems are pretty reliable with faults falling into 3 main groups.

1 - multiway connector between relay box and joystic box has intermittent connection. This can give a range of faults, power failure, failure of one servo or more. The chaps in Australia can supply pre-wired looms making replacement much easier, especially as they use an exotic pairing of Utilux pins and Molex bodies.

2 - Dirty or damaged relay contacts, often characterised by just one servo failing, sometimes just in one direction (i.e. the jib will only sheet in). This can be remedied by cleaning the contacts or replacing the relay if the damage is severe.

3 - Tracks on the pcb vaporised due to short circuit. There's no fuse in the system so if you get a short on the servo side of things the track gets zapped by the high current. If you're at this level you already know what to do...! If you don't please feel free to contact me.


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