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Management and booking system (No replies)

3 months ago
andy_beharrell 3 months ago

Do any other sailability clubs have an overall management or booking system? While we do run open sessions at the Woolverstone Project (on Alton Water), we also operate on the River Orwell with a Wheelyboat and Hawk 20 and all these sessions are booked. At the moment we have a manual system backed up by a Microsoft Access database, DutyMan (to handle the volunteering and instructors for the booked sessions) and various Google calendars etc etc. We are looking for some sort of a software tool to manage a lot of this and came across Has anyone else used a system like this, or this one?

We wondered whether something like this might streamline operations for us and handle all the membership records etc. The downside is of course the cost, but this may look better when we factor in the time savings a smoother system would allow ...

Andy Beharrell
Woolverstone Project

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