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Excellent resource really targeted and totally relevant to the Hansa 2.3 and 303, great effort!!

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Intro to sailing- links to modifiable files

<p>Cover: powerpoint. The page size of this version is set to A4 plus 4mm for the spine. The graphics are 3mm larger than the page all round to allow for bleed. Depending on how your printer wants it, you may need to adjust the page size. <a href="!AkGzNJwpEDz_aZzlfG-GmiMNofU">!AkGzNJwpEDz_aZzlfG-GmiMNofU</a></p>
<p>Inside text: word document. Word isn't ideal for desktop publishing but it does make it easier for non-specialists to amend the document. The margins are set up with a 5mm gutter for the binding, alternating right and left, as does the footer. Probably offending the graphic designers, I have used a mixture of a conventional word processing approach for those pages with more text, less graphics, and a dtp approach for graphics heavy pages where the text, graphics and photos are embedded in graphic boxes on the page. If you are reasonably competent with word you should be able to puzzle it out. The file is 51mb, largely because the photos are mostly high resolution (300dpi) for good quality printing. <a href="!AkGzNJwpEDz_aohqV2LxwsWgoTw">!AkGzNJwpEDz_aohqV2LxwsWgoTw</a></p>
<p>Graphics: powerpoint. Individual graphics were created using powerpoint and pasted into the word document as enhanced metafiles (emf). This format gives high quality reproduction without the quirks of pasting in Microsoft Graphic objects. If you want to change any of the graphics, edit the powerpoint file and re-paste the graphic. After pasting, left click on the pasted item and amend the Wrap text setting to allow you to move it around on the page. (The only exception is the Points of Sail graphic for which some reason pdfs can't handle as an emf- that one is an MGO). Some of the graphics use Powerpoint's 3D function which is a bit quirky. <a href="!AkGzNJwpEDz_a7RU0j1cGIwKDgo">!AkGzNJwpEDz_a7RU0j1cGIwKDgo</a></p>
<p>Photos: if you want to use some of your own photos, a bit of advice: you need a photo editor to shrink the photos to the right size without losing resolution (or indeed to increase the resolution of large format photos as you reduce them in size). I used Gimp <a href=""></a>, which is a free open source equivalent to photoshop. If you use word or powerpoint to shrink the photos, the software does it by removing pixels and you end up with low res images.</p>
<p>Word is also liable to save the photos as low res images. To prevent that, in Word go to File>Options>Advanced>Image Size and Quality, and make sure the tickbox "Do not compress images in file" is ticked.</p>
<p>If you do make changes to the content please upload a pdf of your changes with a summary of what you have done so that others can see it. We can then decide whether to incorporate the changes into the master documents.</p>

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<p>This is the link to a word version of the 4 page brochure (two sides of A4, folded) as a taster/ introduction!AkGzNJwpEDz_cAbqbecIxhlcCrY</p>