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Card payments and cash and invoicing

For some years we have had a traditional (electronic) till- very confusing to operate for the uninitiated, and then needed lots of manual processing to keep track of receipts, membership renewals and invoicing. No facility to take card payments. It was also took up quite a bit of room in our small clubhouse.

There are now tablet based systems that are much easier to use, and which cost very little to run. We have just switched to iZettle, using a donated IPad and purchased card reader (cost about £60 to buy). We also bought the iZettle cash till and receipt printer but that isn’t essential. It does need an internet connection to work (broadband or mobile data) but the only charge is 1.75% on card transactions. You can put the app on multiple devices in case of accidents, etc so you have a back up- even a smartphone will work.

The Treasurer has access to all the transactions and monthly reports online, and can edit the standard prices etc remotely. The daily user has more restricted access.

The system will also generate an invoice for those groups who don’t pay by cash or card on the day.

We have set up a training account for new users to practice on. Contact me if you would like to see how it works and have a practice yourself.