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Engineering assistance – Remap

As a representative of Remap at Sailability Conference 2019 I sat in on the Servos Workshop.  I was struck by the overlap between some of the work you guys are doing and the competencies that some of the Remap branches have on offer.  We have about 70 branches nationally, varying in size, but many having engineers with design/make skills that are appropriate to this field.

There are some caveats to what we offer.  We focus on providing custom made solutions, we do not compete or undercut where there is a viable commercial offering.  Notwithstanding this, I think it’s quite possible that there may be opportunities for our guys to provide support on some of your projects.  One of your local clubs may need some adaptations to make use of some of the commercial gear, or maybe they are looking at using some of Spike’s designs, which our people could potentially manufacture/adapt.

If you think we can be of help please have a look at – the ‘Get Help’ section has a postcode search.