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<p>Thanks for starting this thread to get the ball rolling following the Sailability Conference.</p>
<p>I won't put up a CV as I'm not by any means a technical expert – but it looks like this forum has the potential to go much wider than exchanging views on technical fixes for practical problems.</p>
<p>The categories that have been set up look to be a pretty good start and I can see this being used for co-ordinating participation in racing events (RS Games anyone?), dealing with common issues (GDPR compliance?), and swapping/selling equipment (anyone with a spare Hansa 303 interested in a <a href="">Cornish Crabber 12</a> and/or Hansa 2.3?).  I wasn't quite sure what the category Yachts, Power, Inland might be used for – maybe this is for anything that isn't dinghy sailing.</p>
<p>Best of luck with building the critical mass, and I will put the word out in Sussex.</p>
<p>Sussex Sailability</p>

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CVs of technical experts- add here

<p>Please add your CV by replying to this thread. To aid accessibility, I would include some key words (only) in the post, and attach a pdf with more details. Remember not to include any sensitive personal details- you can use the forum’s private message facility to exchange details with anyone who is interested. Check Profile->Edit profile to make sure you receive an email alert when someone sends you a message.</p>
<p>In due course we can look at a more sophisticated skills catalogue if necessary.</p>