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<p>Hi all, Steve here from Hunstanton Sailing and Watersports Centre. As I mentioned at the Conference I am a trained engineer and primarily worked on race cars but I have been into all kinds of stuff for many years. This includes adapting motorbikes and trikes for disabled use and a lot of custom engineering, I and mainly a mechanical engineer who fiddles with electrics, and am hoping to get more into the progamming side of electronics as I get the chance.</p>
<p>I have a well equipped " Old Skool" workshop and can make most things I put my mind to…..just need more time!!</p>

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CVs of technical experts- add here

<p>Please add your CV by replying to this thread. To aid accessibility, I would include some key words (only) in the post, and attach a pdf with more details. Remember not to include any sensitive personal details- you can use the forum’s private message facility to exchange details with anyone who is interested. Check Profile->Edit profile to make sure you receive an email alert when someone sends you a message.</p>
<p>In due course we can look at a more sophisticated skills catalogue if necessary.</p>