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<p>It was good to meet all at the Sailability Conference this last weekend.  I'll post more details here of my 'Enabling' projects as I get to them but for now I attach a copy of my short presentation at the workshop.  The full batch of 66 slides would produce an 80+ minute talk but that 21Mb file is probably a bit too big for this vehicle.</p>
<p>I hesitate to call my self an expert as I am aware that many interpret "Ex-spurt" as a drip under pressure.  However, over the last 10 years I have fabricated servo systems from 'end-to-end' (everything from inceptors to actuators). Keywords are therefore: Inceptors/Connectors/Controllers/ Actuators.</p>
<p>For personal details, you will find me in Geoff Holt's book "Walking on Water".</p>
<p>Testwood Lakes Sailability</p>
<p>P.S. There are no "Daft Questions" so those who don't regard themselves as skilled in this arena should just ask away.  The purpose of this Forum must surely be to provide suggestions and answers.  Someone will respond sooner or later – if only to give a potential lead to "a man who knows".</p>

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CVs of technical experts- add here

<p>Please add your CV by replying to this thread. To aid accessibility, I would include some key words (only) in the post, and attach a pdf with more details. Remember not to include any sensitive personal details- you can use the forum’s private message facility to exchange details with anyone who is interested. Check Profile->Edit profile to make sure you receive an email alert when someone sends you a message.</p>
<p>In due course we can look at a more sophisticated skills catalogue if necessary.</p>