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<p>At Tideway we were under some pressure from the local authority run centre where we are based to check all our volunteers. We discussed our position carefully with Jackie Reid at the RYA who advised that we did not need to do DBS checks, based on the frequency and nature of the contact we have with our sailors. In practice we have some key volunteers checked, I expect broadly equivalent to your instructor categories in terms of the daily responsibilities.</p>
<p>I suspect that it is difficult in some cases for organisations to row back from the old CRB position when they changed the rules a few years ago- it is easier to carry on with the old higher requirement rather than relaxing it. If in doubt I would contact Jackie.</p>

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DBS checking

<p>I was wondering how others go about doing DBS checks? Do you check just instructors (including Chief and Senior)? Or do you check all volunteers? I am interested to compare notes and see what other centres do ….</p>