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<p>Hi Chris</p>
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<p>I can put you in touch with a couple of people who own cabin versions of the Bayraider for their own use if that would help.</p>
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<p>one thought I had is that being wooden boats, you do need to maintain them quite carefully. <br /><br /></p>
<p>best wishes</p>
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Original Post by Chris Hodge

Drascombe alternative – BayRaider 20

<p>I am at the early stages of thinking about replacing our very well used Drascombe Luggers.  While we could (and may) do a like-for-like replacement, I am thinking through the alternatives.   Some of the potential alternatives are well-known in Sailability circles (Drascombe / Devon Longboat, Hawk 20), but I have just come across the <a href="">BayRaider 20</a> by Swallow Yachts, that looks like it could fulfil a similar function while being self-righting (with water-ballast), self-bailing and with an easy-to-lower mast (which could open up a new sailing area for us just under a bridge near to our club).  </p>
<p>I wondered if any other groups have one or had looked into using this boat and what your views are.  Issues on my mind include capacity (theoretically a Lugger can take 6 – so I would want to be able to at least match this) and robustness (our Luggers are 40+ years old – and still going strong)</p>
<p>Chris, Sussex Sailability</p>