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<p>Hi Anne</p>
<p>We have restricted full access to those who need it- treasurer, secretary etc. So long as we manage this eg removing rights when the individual no longer never needs them, Members who don't renew are removed after 12 months, I believe we are ok with data protection.  Charities don't need to register- they just need to maintain sensible restrictions. Very little is required information so people can not supply anything they don't want to. Permitted email senders is a bigger but still limited group, who have no data access. Then the rest who would not have access except to their own details. The medical conditions info is more for demographic purposes than daily use- we generally rely on individual's knowledge, carers etc.</p>
<p>To have a look at what we have done, sign up to Tideway as a supporter- I can delete it later- contact me when you have seen enough. Link is on the Tideway website, under Charges, but you don't need to pay anything.</p>
<p>hope this helps</p>

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Email lists, volunteer details etc

<p>We wanted to find a system to manage its supporter, volunteer and sailor details. We were looking for something that would:</p>
<li>Maintain an email list for distributing newsletters, and notifying special events and changes to our schedule</li>
<li>Collect emergency contact details for everyone who goes on the water</li>
<li>Collect demographic information for fundraising etc and volunteer skills</li>
<li>Manage subscriptions for those who pay an annual fee</li>
<li>Collect daily registration and session data.</li>
<p>It also had to be user-friendly and simple to set up, as well as inexpensive!</p>
<p>Surprisingly we have come quite close, using a system called membermojo (<a href="" target="_blank"></a>), which does everything except 5 although that capability has been promised for the near future.</p>
<p>You can have a look at how we have set it up here: <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>