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<p>Thanks Spike-  all good suggestions and will look into the technical ones. There is a rather obscure icon top right of every post that allows editing for a brief period but that isn’t good enough.</p>
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<p>I haven’t found a formal limit on size of attachments but did struggle to get 22Mb to upload! I will see if I can be more precise.</p>

Original Post by Spike Spencer

Forum Posting/Management

<p>Hi<br />Immediately after my initial post (with poor spelling), unable to find an "Edit Post" facility Or even "Delete (Logged-on User's) Post". Is that device hosted here or might it be added to a 'wish list' ?</p>
<p>Also, many other Forums (Fora ?) have a "Preview" facility before submitting a post.</p>
<p>Third suggestion is a Topic that covers "Forum management and etiquette"  Including any limitations on the size of images and attachments.</p>
<p>Not burning issues I know but, from experience on other sites, those facilities do contribute to good practice. </p>