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<p>Many thanks for the comments. We are sitting down today to try and decide what to do. We will have some interesting logistics problems to overcome if we do decide to buy a wheelyboat. Kind regards, David</p>

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Fund raising for a wheelyboat

<p>At Wealden Sailability we have expanded our fleet since we started in 2008. We now have 23 boats, ranging from 303s to a couple of 2.4's. We also launch a Rib and 2 further suppot boats. All of this requires high volunteer numbers. We have been approached by a potential sponsor asking if we have any major equipment needs. We are asking ourselves if we should consider buying a wheelyboat so that we can load wheelchair useres straight on. Clearly there are obvious advantages over having to hoist sailors out of thier chairs and on to a dinghy. However there are also some clear disadvantages. It begins to move us away from a "charity providing opportunities to sail" and more towards taking people out on the water. There is the extra efford of hauling another boat out of the water, storing the engine and also the asociated running and insurance costs.</p>
<p> My question is have other centres considered this option and have they faced similar arguments about how to proceed?</p>