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<p>We don’t do that, and will resist doing so. My view is that an individual hoisting plan is not required. The HSE guidance in this area relates primarily to health and social care organisations. The people who come to us are presumed to be in good health and relatively robust- we are a sports service provider and sailing is a sport. The sailor or their helper is capable of explaining any specifics relevant to that person, and we would expect them to do so.</p>
<p>Couple of analogies-</p>
<p>The HSE guidance on workplace lifting eg for when you lower a man down an access shaft, doesn’t say anything about an individual hoisting plan. There needs to be a generic plan of course. We are closer to that case than a hospital or care home, when the person may be unable to communicate and/or fragile.</p>
<p>Restaurants and allergies- restaurants place the onus on the guest to inform them of any issues- and the restaurant in turn explains what is in the food. Each guest does not have an individual eating plan. But if that same person was in hospital or a care home, there would need to be a specific dietary plan for them.</p>
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<p>We need to create a generic lifting plan for independent sailors who need to be hoisted in to a boat but do not regularly need to be hoisted elsewhere. Does anyone have a simple version that we could adopt?</p>