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<p>Since I wrote, we have gone with Dropbox plus- single login with 1tb storage costing c£80 pa. The lack of multiple logins we are managing by having 3 key users sharing the main login, and then giving others access to specific folders e.g. photos, where we have about 2000 loaded so far. We didn't need other features as we have emails already from our ISP and don't use calendars. Whether this will be enough we will find out- at that cost it wasn't a big decision and not too hard to switch in a year if it doesn't work- just having all our files and photos in one accessible place is a big step forward.</p>

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IT provision for Sailability clubs

<p>I know this is perhaps a topic to cure insomnia, but at the Woolverstone Project we have decided to try and update our IT provision. Increasingly a lot of our activities lead to more and more electronic files, and we wanted some way to centralise things and make sure that we could make everything available to the right people as volunteers, trustees and so on, change over. We used to store documents and so on through our website, but we have moved across to Google for non-profits:</p>
<p><a href=""></a></p>
<p>As charities we can access all the Google services for free. As a non-profit, you can set up as many users as you need and each user gets 30GB of free storage. You can also handle all club email through the service and get free access to all the Google apps – Google docs, calendars, Google sheets etc.</p>
<p>How do other clubs manage their electronic files? Has anyone got an alternative way?</p>
<p>I'd be happy to provide further details or discuss this all further if any other clubs are interested.</p>
<p>Andy Beharrell<br />Woolverstone Project</p>