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<p>We ask for details of medical conditions and medication from all sailors joining. This data is stored in our database, which has controlled, limited access. Separately we keep a hard copy of the data in a sealed envelope on site so that it can be accessed in the event that there is an incident. As far as I am aware, we have never actually used it.</p>
<p>We do also expect clients or their carers to inform us of any conditions or medication that we should be aware of. for example, we have a number for whom the carers require to shadow in a safety boat as they may have a seizure that requires medication if the seizure lasts more than 5 minutes (typically). We will then check on the way the medication is administered, as we do not allow rectal treatment, being impractical on the lake.</p>

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Medical Information

<p>I would be interested to know if other centres request medical information about potential clients. In particular do you ask sailors who are coming to you independently for information…and if so, how much information, how do you keep it and how do you make use of it at normal sailing sessions?</p>