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<p><em>Late update (Dec 2019)</em>:</p>
<p>Following some driver problems at Tideway in 2019, I found that the main winch they were using was drawing a current way above the capability of the original driver (15, gusting 25 Amps).  The winch concerned looks like a larger HANSA Jib winch on steroids.</p>
<p>On examining the device on the bench, that winch was drawing up to Forty Amps ! -way above the original driver spec and so short battery life, stressed driver and blown fuses start to be explained.  We have not yet established if that is a rogue motor or if it is typical of that particular winch design.  As far as the electronics are concerned, the Main winch driver has now been changed to one that is capable of handling current levels up to 45 Amps.  Overkill perhaps but using a well tried Engineering aphorism:  "Don't force it, use a bigger hammer." </p>
<p>Will post any developments on that one when I see another similar winch.</p>

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Solid State Motor Drivers

<p>As promised, the attached essay is my account of the developments made at New Forest & District Sailablity for several sailors over the last 10 years after I tired of repairing standard equipment.  Prototype was proved by Keith Harris at the HANSA Nationals held at WPSA in 2014 and it continued in use for the following 2 seasons.  The current version of this equipment now resides in David Durston's LIBERTY.</p>
<p>Anyone who is a professional Electronics Engineer will undoubtedly have comments and I welcome any observations or inputs for future improvement.  I am only an Electronics hobbyist myself who started in the era of valves and magnetic amplifiers where my professional colleagues still chanted "Tune for maximum smoke"  (If it works, don't knock it !)</p>
<p>I hope this is of interest to the community.</p>