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<p>The attempt to get some commercial involvement with this equipment has come to nothing, probably because the sales volume is too small to be viable.  Nevertheless, full details of my designs have been freely sent to correspondents in Hong Kong and Australia so there remains a clear need.</p>
<p>Out of interest, I have recently given a routine service to the gear that was originally built for Keith Harris way back in 2012 and which now resides in David Durston's LIBERTY.  Although the control circuitry has migrated to printed circuit instead of Keith's 'rat's nest' stripboard prototype, that original motor driver module remains unchanged after 10 years use and still working 100%.   What relay systems could match that endurance ?</p>
<p>The only failure of which I am aware was the Tideway unit as described <em>(Dec 2019)</em> above.  I have not been informed of any other winch motor problems.</p>

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Solid State Motor Drivers

<p>As promised, the attached essay is my account of the developments made at New Forest & District Sailablity for several sailors over the last 10 years after I tired of repairing standard equipment.  Prototype was proved by Keith Harris at the HANSA Nationals held at WPSA in 2014 and it continued in use for the following 2 seasons.  The current version of this equipment now resides in David Durston's LIBERTY.</p>
<p>Anyone who is a professional Electronics Engineer will undoubtedly have comments and I welcome any observations or inputs for future improvement.  I am only an Electronics hobbyist myself who started in the era of valves and magnetic amplifiers where my professional colleagues still chanted "Tune for maximum smoke"  (If it works, don't knock it !)</p>
<p>I hope this is of interest to the community.</p>