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<p>Hi Andy</p>
<p>I did see an Etchells with an outboard engine- the owner cut a hole in the cockpit floor, big enough so the outboard could be tipped up, built a surround to above the waterline, and arranged it so the piece removed could be reinserted when sailing, much like the Hawk. I don’t know whether that would work on the Sonar.</p>
<p>it has the obvious disadvantage of somewhat compromising the watertightness of the hull!</p>
<p>Outboard hanging off the back clearly isn’t ideal. Off the side within reach of the helm might work if a little inelegant. Any scope to create a locker it could swing into?</p>

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Sonar – engine

<p>For various reasons (mostly related to the classification of our Hawk), we are thinking of changing it for a Sonar. Does anyone have any experience of fitting an engine to a Sonar? We would need to do this to comply with the RYA guidance notes on operating keelboats as we do not have an accompanying safety boat.</p>
<p>Andy Beharrell<br />Woolverstone Project</p>