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<p>Interesting Simon, I’ve got the Suzuki five sitting in my garage. It’s sincerely the identical motor because the 6 , however untweaked, and I agree completely with you on that. It does have pretty a chunk of a tug again on it. It’s satisfactory motor even though and I’m no longer in a rush to dispose of it. I even have a Honda 9.eight that is much simpler to start however it weighs nigh on 42 pounds which isn’t loads of a laugh on the davits. Anyhow a pal of mine had the Honda 2.five which kept him fit rowing his tender. We could take bets on how long it might run whilst he left the beach. He eventually permit it go along with the boat. I were given the ultimate 2 stroke in captivity, it's miles almost 1/2 the burden of the Honda 9.eight and goes just like the blazes. Fuel economic system isn’t something you think of with the two stroke although.</p>
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Suzuki or Honda 15hp for safety boat

<p>Approaching time to replace our trusty Honda 15hp. Our first instinct was to do a like for like but our outboard mechanic is recommending the Suzuki. Reading up, the big advantage seems to be the fuel injection on the Suzuki vs the carburettor in the Honda- less risk of dirt/residue with the S plus better fuel consumption. Any views?</p>