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<p>Hi John. </p>
<p>Can’t help with your specific enquiry as we don’t have Ventures.</p>
<p>I intend to have another go at publicising the forum over the winter- it is very much a slow burn project but most of the content is not time limited in its value. With persistence I am sure we will get there.</p>

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Venture Connect SCS

<p>Hi all, my name is John Deane and I am Fleet Captain/Fleet SI for the RS Ventures that we have here at Rutland Sailability.  I have recently discovered this forum and would hope to be able to use it to help out in the management of the Ventures within Rutland Sailability.  I'll start with a few queries and threads of my own, hopefully this will generate interest and solutions from other Venture users and we can develop a Venture community to help and assist each other</p>
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