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The Do-it website is here: Do-it website

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Volunteer recruitment at Tideway

<p>As we are fully volunteer-run, we need a constant supply of new people who can help our participants into their buoyancy aids, escort them onto the pontoons and then into the boats.</p>
<p>Most of our new volunteers have not sailed before, so need to be taught to sail confidently before they can actively pilot a participant in, for example, a Hansa 303.</p>
<p>We advertise through the marvellous volunteering website <em>Do-it, </em>and it seems that the offer of on-the-job training and learning to sail is the biggest pull for our new helpers. To learn a skill while helping is the essence of our job description on <em>Do-it</em>.</p>
<p>The Do-it website is here: <a href="" rel="nofollow">Do-it website</a></p>