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<p>Graham, We have a smaller problem, as we operate canal boats we only generally need two crew (except for Christmas when we need elves and Santa too). We just use a spread sheet on google drive shared between all volunteers. Volunteers can look at the boat bookings and put their name forward via email to our bookings manager. He will allocate crew partly on a first come first served basis but also to ensure all crew have enough experience in the year. He then records who is booked and notifies them and enters the crew on the spread sheet.</p>
<p>It occurs to me that you could just use a shared spread sheet, perhaps with a page a day. Volunteers could look at the spread sheet and enter their names on the appropriate day. </p>
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<p>Cheers Graham</p>

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Volunteers registering for duties

<p>We currently use "Dutyman" for our volunteers to register to help out on sailing days. We only need a very simple programme and Dutyman is probably too sophisticated for us. </p>
<p>Basically all we need is for volunteers to put their names down in advance, so that the night before the sailing day, the leader can check to see he/she has enough volunteers to run the day safely. It would also be useful to send out emails or texts to volunteers if the day has to be cancelled. </p>
<p>Does anyone use anything simple that does the job?</p>
<p>Thanks, Graham</p>