Sailability Forum UK: New mail reply

A new private message reply from Simon Whiteley.

OK. First an apology (and to 2 other new users- Aeyre and Cannard37). I sent all 3 of you my welcome message, which meant you were by default copied in on Anne’s reply. I have just adjusted the setup to make this clearer who is copied in, but I will avoid that in future (still learning….).

Any private message is only visible to the people copied in on it- see the row of names at the top of this page. Because Aeyres was copied in on the original message, you could access the message chain via that person’s profile. Personally I wouldn’t use the facility for anything very private, it is more to avoid cluttering up the forum with chat (such as this…)

Second, Private Messages by default are notified by email. You can opt out (Profile->Edit Profile->Message alerts) but I thought that was the right default setting (otherwise how would you know someone was trying to get hold of you).

Third I will look again at the frequency of message alerts- might be better to make them daily rather than hourly.

All feedback welcome


Original message by Simon Whiteley

Thank you for joining

Let me have any feedback, and please contribute- it will only be a success if we can grow the content. It will take a little time.

Best wishes