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Hi John

Good to hear from you and thank you. I hope to have another push of the forum over the winter, but I am quite happy for it to be slow burn- most of the material isn’t really time critical.

I will respond more on the booklet when I am back in the UK- Dong some sailing for myself in Minorca this week. But in short please use it any way you want.

Best wishes


Original message by JohnD

Booklet – Intro to Sailing Hansa 303

Hi Simon

I recently found the forum that you have set up and can see that it has great potential for an exchange of ideas and problems. I do hope that the wider Sailability community will take advantage of this excellent resource!

One of the areas that really interested me was your booklet on Sailing the Hansa 303 which I found to be an excellent document to supplement the RYA Start Sailing. I have taken the liberty of downloading a copy and forwarding it to our CI and SIs for comment and all the returns that I have received have been very positive.

In February 2019 we start our annual ‘Winter Theory Course’ where we spend a couple of hours each Thursday taking newbies through the theory of sailing before the season starts in April. We are now looking at how we might use your booklet to supplement this teaching. In your posting on the forum you generously invited clubs to download and use the document as required and we are now considering how we might take up this offer. Our options stretch from sending out an e-copy to our newbies to doing a print run similar to the one that you mentioned in your post – 50 copies printed for about £150…?

So, in order to decide on a way ahead for Rutland Sailability I would be grateful if you could; confirm that you would be happy for us to distribute e-copies of your doc to our members, advise on how you got the printing done and also advise on any revision that you may be considering in the light of 6 months experience in using the document.

Once again, many thanks for setting up the Forum and also for the enormous amount of work that you must have put in to developing and publishing the Hansa Sailing Guide.


John Deane
SI Rutland Sailability