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CVs of technical experts- add here (5 replies)

Forum admin
5 years ago
Forum admin 5 years ago

Please add your CV by replying to this thread. To aid accessibility, I would include some key words (only) in the post, and attach a pdf with more details. Remember not to include any sensitive personal details- you can use the forum's private message facility to exchange details with anyone who is interested. Check Profile->Edit profile to make sure you receive an email alert when someone sends you a message.

In due course we can look at a more sophisticated skills catalogue if necessary.

Chris Hodge
5 years ago
Chris Hodge 5 years ago


Thanks for starting this thread to get the ball rolling following the Sailability Conference.

I won't put up a CV as I'm not by any means a technical expert - but it looks like this forum has the potential to go much wider than exchanging views on technical fixes for practical problems.

The categories that have been set up look to be a pretty good start and I can see this being used for co-ordinating participation in racing events (RS Games anyone?), dealing with common issues (GDPR compliance?), and swapping/selling equipment (anyone with a spare Hansa 303 interested in a Cornish Crabber 12 and/or Hansa 2.3?).  I wasn't quite sure what the category Yachts, Power, Inland might be used for - maybe this is for anything that isn't dinghy sailing.

Best of luck with building the critical mass, and I will put the word out in Sussex.


Sussex Sailability

Simon Whiteley
5 years ago
Simon Whiteley 5 years ago

Thanks Chris. Anything that helps sailability is a good use of the forum as far as I am concerned. Don’t feel restricted by the category headings- I started a new one yesterday on sailing instruction, and moved a couple of threads into it. Spread the word! Simon

Spike Spencer
5 years ago
Spike Spencer 5 years ago

It was good to meet all at the Sailability Conference this last weekend.  I'll post more details here of my 'Enabling' projects as I get to them but for now I attach a copy of my short presentation at the workshop.  The full batch of 66 slides would produce an 80+ minute talk but that 21Mb file is probably a bit too big for this vehicle.

I hesitate to call my self an expert as I am aware that many interpret "Ex-spurt" as a drip under pressure.  However, over the last 10 years I have fabricated servo systems from 'end-to-end' (everything from inceptors to actuators). Keywords are therefore: Inceptors/Connectors/Controllers/ Actuators.

For personal details, you will find me in Geoff Holt's book "Walking on Water".


Testwood Lakes Sailability

P.S. There are no "Daft Questions" so those who don't regard themselves as skilled in this arena should just ask away.  The purpose of this Forum must surely be to provide suggestions and answers.  Someone will respond sooner or later - if only to give a potential lead to "a man who knows".

5 years ago
paulbenn 5 years ago

Hi All

Definitely, not an expert but can find my way around 12v electrics and sort the standard Liberty/Access kit, also basic electronics as my original training in audio/recording engineering.

I team up at Tideway in London with Mark Firth who is excellent with fabrication and mechanical fixes. We fitted a Ray Marine servo ram to one of our Hawk 20's, and have built sip & puff bolt-on units. I'm keen to get into Spike's solid-state world as this will remove a lot of the unreliability issues.

Worked at ITV for many years so I can also help if you need guidance in video production etc.


Paul Bennett
5 years ago
SteveR 5 years ago

Hi all, Steve here from Hunstanton Sailing and Watersports Centre. As I mentioned at the Conference I am a trained engineer and primarily worked on race cars but I have been into all kinds of stuff for many years. This includes adapting motorbikes and trikes for disabled use and a lot of custom engineering, I and mainly a mechanical engineer who fiddles with electrics, and am hoping to get more into the progamming side of electronics as I get the chance.

I have a well equipped " Old Skool" workshop and can make most things I put my mind to.....just need more time!!

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