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Solid State Motor Drivers (2 replies)

Spike Spencer
1 year ago
Spike Spencer 1 year ago

As promised, the attached essay is my account of the developments made at New Forest & District Sailablity for several sailors over the last 10 years after I tired of repairing standard equipment.  Prototype was proved by Keith Harris at the HANSA Nationals held at WPSA in 2014 and it continued in use for the following 2 seasons.  The current version of this equipment now resides in David Durston's LIBERTY.

Anyone who is a professional Electronics Engineer will undoubtedly have comments and I welcome any observations or inputs for future improvement.  I am only an Electronics hobbyist myself who started in the era of valves and magnetic amplifiers where my professional colleagues still chanted "Tune for maximum smoke"  (If it works, don't knock it !)

I hope this is of interest to the community.

Simon Whiteley
1 year ago
Simon Whiteley 1 year ago

Very interesting. Tideway is probably in the market for a new end to end system based on something like this. Probably 2 or 3 units.

While we work out what the best solution looks like, we should also be thinking about the possible production process, quantities, indicative costs, including labour, etc. A cheap solution that relies on an unfeasible amount of free labour to produce enough units isn't really a solution. If the market is big enough, then it will be worth spreading production around. But that requires better documentation and testing etc.

Spike Spencer
10 months ago
Spike Spencer 10 months ago

A quick update:

As well as a prototype 3-channel driver for Tideway, since the 2018 Sailability Conference I have  designed and built several solid-state variants for HANSA 303 (sport), HANSA 303 (2-seat) and Liberty types; each time gaining more useful data on assembling these systems.  In the same period, Suresh at Equal Adventure has initiated a more structured Engineering study to determine how this might be carried into the commercial arena.  While I cannot speak for EA, it is possible that some conclusion from that study may be reached this Autumn.

Watch this space !

Attached pic is the current 3-channel driver.  £2 coin for size comparison.

Size of that unit is 135mm x 80mm x 45mm.  Potential for expansion to 4 Ch. within that envelope.

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