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Stiff steering on Hansa boats (1 reply)

Simon Whiteley
1 year ago
Simon Whiteley 1 year ago

I was getting complaints from our young or less mobile sailors that the steering on many of our  Hansa boats was stiff. Tweaking the tension in the ropes (about an inch of play, measured normal to the rope run, seems to be about right) helps, as does making sure the lines are properly under the joystick quadrant (use cable ties), but only marginally.

Eventually I found the right solution. The steering lines on the Hansa boats as supplied by the manufacturers use a cheap 4mm rope that stiffens with age. Coupled with blocks that are sometimes not properly in line with the rope run, and (on older boats at least) use plain bearing blocks, it isn’t surprising that the steering can get stiff- too much for a young or less mobile sailor.

The solution is to replace the rope with a good 3mm pre-stretched braid on braid. The thinner line helps round the blocks, and good quality limits stretch.

I know how hard it is to find just the right rope. We are lucky in having these suppliers just down the road from us, and this is the specific rope we used . It is I think a Turkish made rope, and seems to perform well.

Spike Spencer
1 year ago
Spike Spencer 1 year ago

Thanks for that advice, Simon. We have had similar problems and taken similar corrective action.  Unsupervised Volunteers, lacking mechanical empathy and changing things without consulting, only adds to the stiff steering potential !

Notwithstanding that scenario, poorly-adjusted steering ropes may not be the only source of trouble here when dealing with servo boats.  I recently had to dismantle another defective steering motor for a bit more than routine lubrication.  See attached paper.

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