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When creating a new topic, replying to an existing topic, or sending a private message you can add pdf documents or media files (jpg plus other common photo files). To add two or more attachments to one post, you need to select them together, so they will need to be in the same folder. If you add another attachment afterwards, it just overwrites the first attachment.

You can’t upload word, spreadsheet (you will need to save these a pdf files first) or video files (use Youtube plus insert a link to it in your post).

Maximum upload size is 16MB.

Click on  Edit profile – an email notification will be sent to your old email address for all changes in email address.

Use the “Change Password” tab to change your password. You will need to login again using the new password.

You can also change  your display name to anything you like (within bounds!). Your sirte username cannot be changed.

Click on “Profile” then “Change my photo”. You can then upload a photo and crop it to suit.

You need to be logged in- click on login and enter your user details. Click on register if you haven’t yet registered. At the bottom of the topic is a text entry area. Then click on “Post Reply” button.

You need to be logged in- click on login and enter your site details. Click on register if you haven’t yet registered. From the Categories (Home) page click on the Category you want the topic to be in. Click on the “Add Topic” button to go to the Add topic form. Enter the topic title and text. Then click on “Add Topic” button.

You can edit or delete a reply you have created by clicking on the black spanner symbol in a red background in the top right of your post. There is no time limit on the edit. You can’t preview a post, so just post and edit, or delete if you don’t like the look of it!

Use the toolbar above the text entry area to format your post to make it easier to read- it works like a simple word processor.

To insert a link into a post, you can just paste a url in- when you save the post it will convert the text into a link. Or use the link symbol (left icon in the toolbar above the text entry box) and follow the instructions in the pop-up box. To convert plain text to a link- highlight the link and then press the link symbol.

You can subscribe to all new topics in one of the categories: click on the “Get notified by email…” button under the list of topics in that forum. An envelope icon appears by the Category heading.

You can subscribe to an individual topic by clicking on the “Get notified by email…” button at the bottom of the topic.  An envelope icon appears by the topic.

You can unsubscribe to either by clicking again on the same button.

The notifications will also appear on: My Alerts.

You can manage all your forum subscriptions by going to: Cancel Subscriptions

Unread private message show as a red number inside the blue enevlope icon (top right). Click on it to go to your inbox.

To receive email notifications of new private messages, go to:  Edit Profile message alerts tab, and tick the box. The notification will also appear on: My Alerts

Untick the box to stop receiving message alerts.

Click on Register in the main menu, and provide a username (default display name), email and password. You will be sent a confirmation email and copy of the password, but you are already logged in.

You can send a private message to a forum member by clicking on the member’s username then the “New private message”. The message will appear in the member’s forum inbox (accessible via the envelope icon- the red number shows unread messages). They will also get an email notfication (default) unless they have opted out of message notifications.

To keep a reply to a topic private, you can tick the “Only share reply with” box. Then your reply will only be visible to that person (and only when they are logged in). Please use only when necessary as the purpose of the forum is to add to our collective knowledge.

NB If your message is confidential, please use conventional email, using the private message facility on this site to obtain the relevant email address.

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