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Sailing for beginners (No replies)

Simon Whiteley
6 years ago
Simon Whiteley 6 years ago

We have a steady stream of adult beginner sailors with physical rarher than learning disabilities. We also teach beginner volunteers to sail. We mainly use Hansa 303 twins, in a sheltered sailing area with few hazards. We have not found any suitable self-learning or teaching materials to help us do this quickly or consistently.

The existing RYA material is frankly too complicated for our needs. Explaining to our sailors that 3 out of 5 essentials are pretty irrelevant (2 1/2 if you include keeping the boat flat- but for some beginners leaning is part of the fun!). Capsize drill, steering, rigging, the parts of the boat look completely different etc etc, the descriptions in Start Sailing are more intimidating than helpful.

Has anyone done anything suitable for someone starting out in a 303? Would you be interested in putting something together?


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