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Volunteer recruitment at Tideway (1 reply)

2 years ago
Markability 2 years ago

As we are fully volunteer-run, we need a constant supply of new people who can help our participants into their buoyancy aids, escort them onto the pontoons and then into the boats.

Most of our new volunteers have not sailed before, so need to be taught to sail confidently before they can actively pilot a participant in, for example, a Hansa 303.

We advertise through the marvellous volunteering website Do-it, and it seems that the offer of on-the-job training and learning to sail is the biggest pull for our new helpers. To learn a skill while helping is the essence of our job description on Do-it.

The Do-it website is here: Do-it website

Accessible Boating
2 years ago
Accessible Boating 2 years ago

We have also been successful in using Do-it. We get a small but fairly regular response. 


Cheers Graham

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