Is all about helping people (or groups of people) get on the water for recreation or rehabilitation who would otherwise find it difficult for reasons of disability or disadvantage. There are sailability groups all around the country with a wide range of facilities and special interests. If you are looking for a group near you with a particular interest, you are probably better off contacting potential groups directly- use your favourite search engine, or the RYA website has a directory of affiliated sailability centres to help you narrow down your search (see Links). This forum isn’t designed to help fgg-1024x680you find the right centre for your specific needs although there is no harm trying if you don’t succeed elsewhere.

Most sailability centres rely on extensive volunteer support to operate, with a typical ratio of participants to volunteers of around 1:1. Previous experience on the water is usually not necessary, and many centres welcome extra help on shore from those who do not want to go on the water. Administrative and maintenance help is also welcome. If you are interested in finding out more on volunteering, it is usually better to contact a local centre directly rather than using this forum.