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Intro to Sailing- pdfs for booklet printing (No replies)

Simon Whiteley
4 years ago
Simon Whiteley 4 years ago

pdf files for printing the booklet below. The files are set out as follows:

  1. The set up is for a perfect bound booklet
  2. The cover is slightly oversize to A4 to allow for a 4mm spine and 3mm of bleed all round for trimming to size without showing trim lines.
  3. The inside text has a gutter of 5mm for the binding. The first (contents) page is to be printed on the inside cover, with the Introduction (page 1) as the facing page. key page pairs are then on facing pages: pages 4 and 5, pages 14 and 15 being the most important.
  4. In total the number of pages to be printed is 62.

The pdf file sizes are substantially smaller than the original word and powerpoint files. The text and graphics should be just as clear as the original, but there may be some loss of photo resolution. I will post a link to the original files if you want to work with those.

We got our copies printed as an A5 perfect bound booklet with a silk cover 300gsm laminated on one side. The inner pages were printed on silk paper 130gsm. We used and 50 copies cost £150 plus postage. The result was as good as any commercial booklet of this type.

It may be possible to just use our order setup. Our order number with was #3131921

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