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Introduction to Sailing- Hansa 2.3 and 303 (1 reply)

Simon Whiteley
4 years ago
Simon Whiteley 4 years ago

Introduction to Sailing- Hansa 2.3 and 303 ebook

I have written the attached learning to sail guide for our new sailors to sailing in Hansa 2.3s and Hansa 303s. All the existing sailing books seemed just too complicated for these boats sailing in sheltered waters. As a result we were either making it too complicated for them to learn, or just not teaching them things properly that they did need to learn.

The guide was written with adults and older teenagers in mind, both new sailors and volunteers, without addressing the particular needs for VI readers and sailors with learning difficulties. I don't have the skills to do those adaptations and I hope someone will volunteer to help.

This is intended to be an open source project for sailability centres to use as they see fit. So feel free to modify it. Copyright conditions are set out on the Contents page. I will post some links to modifiable documents soon.

The pdf works well as an ebook on an Ipad (iBooks or adobe Acrobat Reader seem to be better than Kindle, as the internal links will work). Let me know if there are any problems.

We are having a printed booklet (glossy cover, good quality paper, perfect bound) done as well- 50 copies for £150. Sailability centres are welcome to get their own copies printed- I will post instructions on how to do this soon- and modify to use your own branding.

All feedback welcome! Photos show the cover and 2 of the pages.

Simon Whiteley
3 years ago
Simon Whiteley 3 years ago

Brochure version- 2 sides of A4 folded as A5- attached. Intended as a taster give away and quick introduction. PDF version attached. Word version to add your own logo, and amend as you see fit here!AkGzNJwpEDz_cAbqbecIxhlcCrY

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