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Is designed for everyone with an interest in all the forms of sailability activity- getting on the water for all levels of (dis)ability. It is run by a group of Sailability volunteers on a not for profit basis (so no adverts) for the benefit of the Sailability community. It is primarily aimed at the UK but anyone is welcome to join in the

Anyone can view the forum but you need to register in order to post or send a private message to another member. The forum is not moderated- we trust members of the forum to treat other members respectfully. It is intended to be a repository of useful stuff as well as a way of connecting, so please don’t fill it up with too much chat.

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For suggestions for improvement, please post in the “Other/suggestions” category and we will respond in due course, or send a private message to “Forum admin”.

The forum is hosted by under their charity hosting scheme. This has helped considerably in keeping the costs of site maintenance down to a manageable level. Their service and responsiveness has been excellent- a real person answers the phone and you can understand what they are saying.